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How to source clothing for your fashion photography?

How to source clothing for your fashion photography?

Fashion photography is among the most diverse photography niche there is, and it requires a lot of precision and sheer focus on your end. Not only this, but the whole shoot should be designed according to what lies in the director’s mind for the project to work. But the most daunting hurdle is yet to come, which is sourcing/borrowing designer clothes for your fashion photography. Should you be buying new clothes for a one time shoot? Of course not, these shoots source designer clothes from around, asking for clothes in nearby renting shops, from other studios, and from people that you interact with daily.

If you are interested in finding more about where you can get such fantastic designer clothes that will not only help you to get that project done but also offering you a sense of accomplishment and saving tons of money for you, then read through the following post;


PR showrooms

PR or public showrooms are the places that house a variety of different brands under a single roof. You will be able to find plenty of different businesses and brands working in sync under the same roof and advertising their heart out. PR showrooms help these brands promote their products that include clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. It usually depends on the type of showroom that is brought under question. Stylists or people who have to complete a fashion shoot can borrow items from these PR showrooms as these have plenty of such things that are present as a sponsor from different products that come to a PR showroom for their publicity.

But in order for you to use their designer clothing, you would have to publicize these brands, which is the only thing you need to worry about when working with a PR showroom. It also means that a dedicated designer who has designed a specific part or whole set of clothing will be able to get their product appropriately advertised, and if everything goes right, then their items or piece of clothing might make it to a glossy front page of a dedicated magazine. Nowadays, this practice is even more common because everyone wants a piece of advertisement when it comes to social media ads.

Directly from the designers

It simply involves cutting out the middle man, which are the PR showrooms, out of the equation. You can access the direct source of clothing yourself, and the process is relatively simpler and straightforward than many expect it to be. You would probably be able to find designers in every big city who want to get their clothing featured on models and various celebrities in exchange for gorgeous photos and credits.

This way, they will be able to get their products featured, which will increase their overall sales and send more prospects their way then they might not be able to retrieve if not for lending their clothes for a successful fashion photoshoot. The chances of that specific designer item or piece of clothing making its way on the front page of a fashion magazine also become apparent, which is the main reason why designers would corporate with you in this regard.

Stores/studio services

There was a time when styling before a career was popular, and stylists used to borrow fancy clothes directly from the stores and then return them. But now it doesn’t happen that much, which is why the studio service is becoming much more popular and is more in play than many other such domains working for fashion photographers.

These studios having good relations with the stores allow you to rent out or borrow plenty of designer clothes that you are going to use in your next fashion photoshoot. You can set the very limit of the clothing in terms of money that you want to borrow along with a dedicated duration you want it for.

The only catch in all of this is that you will have to pay a dedicated percentage for restocking when you return those items, which is about 20-25% depending on the total amount of purchase you have made. But the up point in all of this is that you get to choose the very types of clothes that you want to borrow for your photoshoot, which is the very thing that photoshoot experts require from the get go.   

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