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Tips For Photographing Uncooperative Kids

Tips For Photographing Uncooperative Kids

When it comes to taking a perfect photograph, there isn’t much that you need to do except arrange good lighting, focus on your prospects/people that will be in the picture, and arrange for other such things. But things get a wild turn when kids are added to the mix. Children don’t respond well to the instructions provided to them, which is why it can make photographing uncooperative children a bit of a problem.

They might not listen to you; they might run away, not follow instructions and make peculiar faces that disturb the ambiance of the photograph that you want to take. But at the same time, you might find some of the best pictures with children where they are simply smiling and binding the whole universe around them in a pleasant aura. It is challenging to take pictures with children, but it is awarding too; following are some of the tips that will help you to take perfect photographs of the uncooperative children;

Allow them to play

You don’t want to confine the little ones into the same position for taking a natural photograph that is being sandwiched between their parents and siblings. Kids don’t react well to the neutral or same circumstances, and they crave change. What you should be doing is to allow them to play, move around and interact with their surroundings. This way, you will get them in their most natural element, and the chances of you getting some of the best photographs there are will also increase. There will be genuine smiles and a more positive attitude from their side, the very thing you as a photographer want to encode into the picture.

Find flat or even lighting

If you are thinking that storming a lot of light onto the faces of the little ones will make a difference in the final outcome, you are clearly in the wrong. It is not about the quantity of light that is being stomped over their faces but the quality or virtue by which it is being used. Make sure that you place them outside where natural light hits the surface, and it falls on everything in a flat manner; this is where you will be able to find them in their most natural state and score some of the best shots.

Get them involved

The most subtle way of working with a child who will not cooperate with you is to get them involved in the act. Ask them to help you out, and you will notice that the level of cooperation increases. Most kids don’t do well with the instructions that are passed to them, and thus they want to orchestrate a little and want to bring a unique element of their own. Provide them with the same opportunity to ask them to view the images/photographs you have taken and see if they look great? Give them the permission to discard their own photos, which didn’t live to their hype, and ask about the poses or styles they would like to incorporate in their own pictures.

This way, they will be willing to provide you with whatever information you want and follow your direction most of the time.   

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