Amazing Images Manipulation That Distort The Lines Between Reality And Fantasy

Most times, when we hear people mention the word “Photoshop”, the thoughts of our minds instantly travel to female celebrities very much willing to go under the “knife” — without actually going under the knife — either to be more curvy, to retouch their faces and look so drop dead gorgeous we actually pause for a few seconds and wonder if they’re from planet Earth!

A lot of professional graphic designers mainly use Photoshop to enhance photos or to add graphical elements to them.

Truth is, a greater proportion of that “lot” are only in the profession all for the airbrushing and the cash in the stash. To them, it’s simply, an avenue to swell their pockets even more.

But all things considered, there are still a lesser amount of them, a select few who actually do graphic design to show and live up to their true potential in digital art.

And one such person worthy of mention is Martin De Pasquale, an all-in-one digital artist, photographer and art director who is based in the city of Buenos Aires.

Martin De Pasquale is a Photoshop Guru — nope, scratch that — wizard who is known on the Internet for his digital manipulations and surreal art.

Enter into the world of Martin De Pasquale and you’re sure to fall in love with this man’s work.

Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance
Martín De Pasquale | Behance

He uses graphics editing software like Photoshop (obviously) and 3DS Max to create mind-bending images that distort the lines between reality and fantasy.

Through digital manipulation, his portraits — he takes photos of himself and that’s what he uses — depict various themes on life and death, while placing much emphasis on the short span of human life and the weakness of the human body.

Some are comical, some are frightening while some parts are metaphorical. They express his ideas and views by employing the use of surreal and unusual scenarios to tell a story and show the bigger picture.

Apart from his proficiency in using graphics design software for his digital manipulation techniques, there’s also an important factor considered which has made him a successful digital art creator: proper planning.

Before taking photographs of the various elements of his work, Martin De Pasquale always sets up some parameters to ensure an optimal image, which will be edited without much fuss.

Camera’s POV

The first thing is the camera’s POV (point of view). He always ensures that the camera is positioned at the right angle and/or the right distance to focus on the graphical element(s) he wants to edit or add to a particular part of the photo.


He also ensures the photos are taken with the correct level of lighting. The lighting of the photo is vital in ensuring that the digital manipulations appear realistic.

Natural lighting is also a dominant feature in his photos. This is probably to make sure that the shadows fall in the right place.

Magical Images?

At first glance — and especially to the unwitting observer who isn’t aware of anything called photo editing — Martin De Pasquale’s portraits may seem a bit magical.

Some people may even be skeptical about the authenticity of his photos.

He himself is aware of these things, which is why he always makes a video after every editing session, to show us what happened behind the scenes and the whole process of using Photoshop to create the images.

Whether in a picture where he grossly severs his legs from his body, or in one where he rides a bicycle without its  handlebars and frame, he has always shown one thing, and that’s the fact that “[digital] art speaks where words fail to explain.”


All images found in this article are owned by Martín De Pasquale via

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