Amazing Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into Anything And Anyone

Have you ever wondered why a particular makeup looks different in real life than how it looks like on a model’s face in fashion magazines? Well, there are many factors in play that might cause a number of differences between your expectation and the reality. Some of these factors are your skin tone, your skin type, your skin’s acidity, the lighting condition, and more.

There are also times when you find some celebrities so pretty that you wish you can look like them. Now a woman who has both is taking the internet by storm. Her works of art – all using her face as her canvas, continue to go viral as netizens are amazed by each perfect copy of her chosen celebrity’s face as well as some fictional characters’ faces.

The Beauty Promise – Her Most Popular Creations

Promise Tamang is not here to make promises. She just do what she does best and comes up with amazing results like her most popular creations:

Alluring Akasha.

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Akasha, better known as the Queen of the Damned to movie buffs caught the attention of Promise Tamang’s followers with her bejeweled crown, necklace, and rings. With eye makeup that made her look like the fiercer version of Cleopatra and her perfect shade of nude lipstick finished her look.

Belle of the Ball.

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Belle, is one of the most popular Disney Princesses ever. With the perfect makeup, Promise Tamang looks like she stepped out straight from the Beauty and the Beast story book.

Beautiful Bratz.

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Since Barbie is so mainstream, why not go for Bratz instead? You may wonder how one could possibly copy how Bratz look like especially the eyes. Promise, on the other hand, just winged it complete with doe eyes and luscious lips.

Mariah Christmas.

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Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas” look is perhaps one of her most popular looks. Likewise, it is also one of Promise Tamang’s most popular looks. Dressed as a sexy Santa, she turns into blonde Mariah complete with a mole just below the left side of her lower lip.

Not so ugly Betty.

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It’s not Ugly Betty but the beautiful, voluptuous Betty Boop. She looks exactly like Betty with her short, curly hair, big eyes, and red lips. With big gold hoop earrings and bangles, she turns into Betty Boop minus the oversized head.

She ran as Ed Sheran.

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She broke the rules and copied not just girly girls but also the ever talented Ed Sheran. With copper colored curly hair, blue eyes, and thin beard and mustache, you can bet that she will be able to get into the best clubs quickly.

More Moana.

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She looks like she just came from a Hawaiian holiday with her Moana look. You will love her long, curly hair and her sun tanned skin.

These are just some of Promise Tamang’s looks that the World Wide Web loves. Watch out for more because surely, this talented woman can surprise you with her talent and her passion.

More of Promise Tamang’s creations:


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All images found in this article are owned by Promise Tamang via Instagram


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