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Must-Try Food Tours in Bangkok for a Memorable Experience

Must-Try Food Tours in Bangkok for a Memorable Experience

Get ready to make your travel tasty!

Are you one of those people who judge a place by the cuisine? While Bangkok has a lot more to offer other than food, it is world-famous for its scrumptious food items. In Bangkok, you will get to taste flavors of culture, history and other local delights.

It is popular for its 24-hour bustling hotels and food vendors. Anytime you crave for something mouth-watering, Bangkok’s delicious dishes are there to leave you craving for even more!

Every year, tourists plan their trips to Bangkok for trying out their cuisine. If you are confused about, this article is what you’ve been looking for.
Bangkok has a wide variety of cuisines, that you will be very confused about what to try first. You must have a local Thai guide who knows the place very well. You won’t have time to ask around or get lost. There’s going to be a lot on your plate!

Tour Bang Rac

Bang Rac is a must for all food lovers. It offers toothsome cuisines that will make anyone fall in love with Bangkok. The hotels overlook the scenic views of the river while you are served with hot, delectable eateries.

The Siam Heritage Hotel

Tuk Tuk food adventure

If you have missed out on this adventurous food trip, you cannot claim to have been to Bangkok. On the Tuk Tuk ride, you can explore the exquisite views of the city and explore the Bangkok temple as well. A wide collection of cuisines is featured on this tour. You will take approximately four hours to tour the places with around seven stops for food. The green curry will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more! That’s a promise!

Food bike tours

These “bike and bite” tours are a must-try in Bangkok. You get to burn your calories on the bike as you consume them! The local cuisines will leave your taste buds dancing with exquisite flavors. Ba mee and kow mok are my favorite dishes! What are yours?

Chinatown Food Tour in Bangkok

Chinatown or Yaowarat is a bustling city of Bangkok, famous for its open-air food market. You will get to dip your tat bud in delicious Thai food. It will take around four hours to get a taste of what Chinatown has to offer

Floating Market Tour

In the floating market, you get to tour on a boat. The fresh fruits add a sweet flair to the delectable Thai food items. The local treats must not be missed out on this exquisite boat ride. You must have an experienced guide to have a fulfilling experience in the floating market.

A Chef’s Bangkok Tour

Imagine that you not only get to taste the delicious flavors of the local Thai food but also get to know about the special ingredients. You get to taste the food in a new way by diving into it. You can hire a chef and tour guide to take you on the tour.
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