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5 Places To Get The Best Pizza In Rome

5 Places To Get The Best Pizza In Rome

1. La Patrolina

No one ever said pizza has to be round. La Patrolina’s oval pizza is a mix of different flavors and are given a 48-hour leavening time. The result is called a “pinsa” rather than a pizza, and it has a thicker, focaccia-style base, just like the ancient Romans liked it.

In addition to making great pizzas, La Patrolina is the friendliest pizza spot in Rome, and they take their time to give you the total package.

Address: Via degli Scipioni, 248, 00192 Roma RM, Italy

2. Emma

Roscioli is a name synonymous with good food and Emma, the Roscioli tribe’s restaurant doesn’t disappoint one bit. A blend of fourth generation dough maker- Pierluigi Roscioli and toppings from the center’s finest deli, Salumeria Roscioli, Emma is a spot for pizza aficionados.

Emma is more than just your typical pizzeria, the restaurant is elegant, and the ambience is perfect. The ingredients are top notch and the menu documents all the ingredients used in making the pizza, from the buffalo mozzarella from Campania to the Tuscan olive oil and choice wines to complement the pizza.

Emma’s most famous pizza delicacy is the all-organic SuperBio which is a posh magerrita topped with ultra-fresh buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, tomatoes and basil. The cost of pizza here is above average, but its well worth it.

Address: Via del Monte della Farina, 28, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

3. Pizzeria da Remo

If you’re looking for the best pizza experience within the hustle and bustle of Rome, then Da Remo is the place for you. Their cuisine begins with fries, just like any pizza meal should start before you move on to Da Remo’s trademark pizza.

Da Remo’s pizza is cut perfectly, is crispy and has blistered edges, making for perfect bites. It comes in the classic margherita and the broccoli con salsicca which is simply broccoli with meat sausage.

Da Remo is probably not the place for a leisurely dinner, but if you are looking for a straightforward pizza treat, Da Remo is worth it. They don’t do bookings so you should come prepared to queue.

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Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 44, 00153 Rome Italy

4. Ai Marmi

Ai Marmi, named after its long communal marble tables is Trastevere’s best. Its fluorescent strip-lighting, its distinct no frills and its elbow-to-elbow seating makes it a great spot to have pizza.

Ai Marmi’s tasty pizza is the star here, thoroughly cooked in a large wood-fueled oven, it’s Roman-styled and crispy. Another nice variant is the salsiccia e fior di Zucca, topped with courgette blossoms and sausage.

Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

5. Pizzarium

Pizzarium sells hands down the best pizza by the slice in Rome, and with only ten minutes from the Vatican museums, it’s perfectly placed for a quick pizza bite. It is owned by Gabriele Bonci who is famous for the unique spelt-rich flour which creates a light and crunchy taste.

However, despite the high-quality dough, the show stealer is the gourmet topping which changes daily although unusual flavour combinations are always on the menu. The potato pizza is a light choice which they always have on offer.

Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

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