Face Value – Young Bully Victim Turns To Cosmetic Surgery

In a world where physical appearance seems to weigh just as much or even more than a person’s character and where people say mean, hurtful things to those who do not meet their standards when it comes to looks, Filipino Marlou Arizala, 18, decided to handle things differently. The former oldest member of Hasht5, a group of five “wanna-be” celebrity entertainers decided to change his looks and his life when he got the chance.

Hasht5 – fertile ground for haters
Nowadays, anyone can claim their spot in the World Wide Web and share his or her opinion, talent, or thoughts to the whole world. Hasht5 – a group of five teenaged boys posted humorous videos, photos, and other content on their Facebook page. This is where they found their stepping stone to fame – their bashers. Perhaps it is the expectations and the standards of people that caused disappointments to themselves. Their minds reject the possibilities that this group of ordinary boys would make it big, especially Marlou Arizala so they decided to reject these boys without knowing what they have to offer. They dance, they play musical instruments, and they act. Marlou even participated in acting workshops.

They have received every imaginable insult and even more on social media for everyone to see. They were called “drug addicts”, “thieves”, and much more all just because of their physical appearance. However, they are more amused than offended. Perhaps, the cyberbullying took its toll and that’s when Marlou Arizala decided that it’s time for a change. Fortunately, Philippine’s Star Image Artist Management booking agent came to his rescue. Star Image worked its magic and Xander Ford was born.


via Star Image Artist Management

During his Rated K debut, he confessed that the cause of the change, as well as the process of change, was painful yet he does not have any regret.

Wish me well guys. God bless us all. 🙏🏻

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Xander out there, out where dreams come true
Xander Ford debuted in Philippine TV show Rated K, looking stunning in a gray suit.

People never really like me for who i am, cause i was never what they wanted me to be. 😍🎉

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His corn yellow-gold messy mane turned into a black, trendy clean cut. He lost his eye bags and his eyes looked more intense as he wears contact lens – sometimes gray, sometimes blue, and sometimes green. His flat nose became pointed, with narrower holes. His lips looked healthier and more defined. His braces were gone and what was left were whiter, perfect set of teeth. Perhaps the biggest change of all, the one that had the biggest impact on his appearance was his skin. The acne, blackheads, and blemishes were gone. Although it still shows some flaws up-close, the effect was miraculous.

“People never really liked me for who I am, (be)cause I was never what they wanted me to be,”

let me love you😘

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Girls screamed their heads off and swooned at the sight of him. These reactions are far from the usual ones that he got when he was Marlou Arizala. But some Netizens could not help but share their thoughts…

This change was his ultimate dream and he’s just too grateful to Star Image Artist Management for turning it into reality. His father joked about losing the only person in the world that looks like him but admits that his wife and he are happy for Xander.

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  1. This is really a great decision you have made, Xander Ford. This can be a very difficult step to take but it’s worth it after all.

  2. And you are looking really great now, Xander. I have once been in your shoes too before I finally took the greatest decision of my life. I never regretted my action anyway.

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