The Orville Vs Discovery: Who Does Star Trek Better?

Sci-fi lovers are having the best time this season with two new shows that debuted on TV recently: The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery. After a break of space sci-fi shows on TV, it must be a delight for sci-fi lovers to welcome these shows. But there, as expected, there is the argument of which one is better. The similarity of both shows has also made the comparison easy to make. None one sells The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery and doesn’t consciously or unconsciously compare them.

For Star Trek lovers, Star Trek: Discovery is a continuation of the Trek series while The Orville steals a bit from Star Trek and adds comedy. Both shows have their strong points, and we present those points, in our views. Who does Star Trek better?

The Orville?
The Orville is clearly a parody, but it is one that comes with a unique aspect that is not very common with parodies, its own story. The Orville’s aesthetic is similar to that of the Star Trek series especially Star Trek: The Next Generation. The ship, colors of scenes and light are clear reminders of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The synopsis of The Orville reads, ” Follows the crew of the not-so-functional exploratory ship in the Earth’s interstellar fleet, 400 years in the future.”

The Orvile |

Although the trailer and this synopsis led fans to believe that The Orville was all about some good humor, we have noticed the depth the storyline comes with, even in its first few episodes. We hope it delivers on this depth all through.

The Orville has been tagged as a knockoff of the Star Trek series, and we can see why people think so. The Orville comes with a nostalgic resonance to the earlier Star Trek TV series and reminds sci-fi lovers why they fell in love with the Enterprise and everything it represents. What The Orville presents can be likened to a combination of two ends of a parallel line, humor, and science, and it has been doing a good job.

Star Trek: Discovery?
Lovers of Star Trek series are thrilled that Star Trek: Discovery continues the show, but what the show presented wasn’t exactly a continuation. The synopsis of Star Trek: The Discovery was a hint that it wasn’t going to follow previous shows. The synopsis reads, “Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.”

Star Trek Discovery |

You would agree with us that Star Trek: Discovery came with some reservations, but this more “mature” Star Trek show has been a delight with its scenes and story. This show takes the Star Trek series in a new direction that makes it even more interesting.

Star Trek: Discovery is also similar in aesthetics to the recent movies with the more modern touch and shows a somewhat darker side of Star Trek. All in all, Star Trek: Discovery combines all the elements of sci-fi movies appropriately even though it goes in the direction everyone expected.


So, who does Star Trek better?
While The Orville reminds us of Star Trek as we know it more, Star Trek: Discovery presents a compelling story and a new Star Trek direction. They both do Star Trek well in our opinion, so we leave the choosing to you.

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  1. Oh! Actually these two shows are great and both are worth looking forward to on tv. However, I will cast my vote all the way for Orville. it’s a great show and the way it tries to integrate Science and humor is really great and gave it the edge over Discovery.

  2. No. Dammy, I won’t agree with that. The sense of maturity in Discovery can not be matched my Orville. Though Orville too looks great, yet we are talking of Star Trek here, so I give it all to Discovery.

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