This Girl’s Monkey Stuffed Toy Had More Adventures Than Some Of Us

At the advent of social media, global communication is now easier, faster, and more efficient. Information sharing is now something that someone can do casually, sometimes, even in just one click. – There are many different issues where social media is concerned – privacy matters, netiquette, and connectivity to your family, friends, neighbors, the receptionist in your office, and pretty much everyone that you know. With all these information and connections, it is nice to see a particular social media spot that explodes with cuteness, spreading cheer and positive vibes like RH’s Facebook photo album entitled “The Adventures of Ziggy Starmonk”.

Checking the photo album regularly is definitely a breather from work or studies. In times when social media is filled with bitterness, materialism, blasphemy, and many other things that may directly or indirectly make people feel inadequate, Ziggy Starmonk’s adventures remind people that life does not need to be complicated. Sometimes, people find happiness in the simplest things – just like how RH finds happiness in sharing. First, she finds happiness in sharing her wanderlust fulfillment with her beloved monkey stuffed toy. Second, she finds happiness in sharing these adventures and the adorable Ziggy Starmonk with the world.

Here are some photos of Ziggy’s adventures:

1. Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi, India


2. Mather Point, Grand Canyon Village, Arizona


3. Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy)


4. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia


5. Annapurna Mountain Range, Himalayas


6. Ko Rokroy, Changwat Satun, Thailand


7. Bellagio, Lombardy


8. Santorini Greece


9. Buckingham Palace


10. Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France


Ziggy Starmonk reminds people how such simple thing can bring them joy. Sometimes, people equate happiness with luxury, with power, with fame, or with wealth. However, Ziggy proves that sometimes, happiness is having someone with you who shares your dreams and your interests. Sometimes, you get happiness through sharing.

Some more photos that would make you fall in love even more with Zizzy Starmonk.

11. Ziggy The Cliffhanger


12. Ziggy The Gymnast


13. Supporting anti-nuke campaign


14. Close encounter with death


15. Ziggy The Skydiver


Reasons why everybody loves “The Adventures of Ziggy Starmonk”

  • It is a shared series of adventures. Photographs are like books, taking us to different places. However, with photographs, you do not need as much imagination as you can clearly see the location. Ziggy took us to deserts, skydiving through the clouds, historical structures, famous landmarks, breath-taking natural sceneries, picturesque views, and a lot more.
  • Mad photography skills. Clarity, focus, artistry, and technique matter when it comes to photos. It makes it easier for people to not just see but feel the captured moment. The Adventures of Ziggy Starmonk is filled with lifelike images, engaging your five senses in the photos.
  • Ziggy Starmonk is cute. Ziggy is perhaps the cutest monkey stuffed toy ever. This cuteness makes him look like a superstar in each of his photos. Looking like that, his stylist will surely have an endless list of clients.
  • It is inspiring. The idea sparks creativity, telling people that there are other interesting ways of taking and sharing pictures of their adventures. It inspires ideas and gets people’s creative juices flowing, resulting in the creation of something beautiful and significant.
  • Ziggy makes the memories extra special. Sometimes, you have to travel alone. Knowing that you have someone like Ziggy with you no matter where you go makes the experience extra special even when you travel alone. Ziggy is a loyal friend who shares RH’s love for travel and adventures. It makes you wish that you also have a Ziggy Starmonk in your life.

All images found in this article are owned by RH Hidalgo via Facebook album “The adventures of Ziggy Starmonk”.


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